Autumn decoration planning

Autumn begins in a few weeks so now is the best moment for preparations. You don’t have to give up on natural decorations – you’ve got the same opportunities like during summer or spring. Here are the most interesting ideas for autumn urban arrangements. 

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Ornamental cabbage

It’s the most popular way to decorate planters from September to November. Ornamental cabbage is characterised by high resistance to low temperatures so seems to be a perfect autumn decoration. The plant blooms with purple, pink and white leaves creating curly rosettes. They look beautiful in flower towers, planters and flower pots.

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Chryzanthemum isn’t a famous decorative plant but it’s seen more and more often in autumn arrangements. The reason is its high resistance to cold and attractive appearance – flowers in various colours and shades. Don’t be afraid of using it!

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Although heather is one of the leading autumnal plants, some of its kinds bloom already in July! High resistance, attractive colours and a peculiar, shallow root system makes them such an attractive proposition for urban decorations. Heather doesn’t require much but you should remember of keeping it in a sunny place. Fertilizing, watering and maintenance can be on a minimal level.

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Fruits and vegetables

Urban planters doesn’t have to be planted with flowers. Pumpkins, cones, mushrooms, corn look really attractive and are the symbols of autumn. Get inspired by Moosburg – you can’t miss it!

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