town square

Almost every city has its own town square. Regardless its size, the way of building or an architectural style, municipal authorities always try to show its charm and significance. Tree and shrub planting is often impossible but there is a solution for it – Flower Towers. Take advantage of their huge opportunities and give your city a colourful, floral accent where there is no nature.



The cobblestone or pavement aren’t an obstacle to the nature! In such problematic places put the Flower Towers and enjoy greenery in the city centre.

Choose quality! Only decorations made from high-quality and hot-dip galvanised steel are resistant to extreme weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Cascades improve every grey place. If you’re afraid that they could restrict visibility, choose the smaller or hanging models.




Kamienna Góra
Realisation 2014
Kamienna Góra
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the city has changed